Easter discounts up to 40%

Regarding the Easter holidays, we prepare for your discounts up to 40%. Don’t miss our discounts and use it in the best possible way. Check out the promo codes for the Easter discounts 2018 and find the services from our offer at the most favorable conditions. We believe that our products are the most affordable in the market. Check out our Website and find something for yourself. HostingBuY is a place where you can find everything you need from the hosting industry. Except for the Easter discounts, we have regular discounts on certain domains which you can find here. The promotion will last from this moment to 23:59 CET Monday 9, 2018. You have five days to choose one of our offers and save your money. You can use discounts with promo codes:

Promo codes:

Dedicated Servers: BunnyDEDI10   10.00%                                   Easter – Dedicated Servers for 12 Month BunnyDEDI15   15.00%                                   Easter – Dedicated Servers for 24 Month BunnyDEDI20   20.00%                                   Easter – Dedicated Servers for 36 Month Virtual Private Servers / VPS: BunnyVPS20     20.00%                                   Easter – VPS for 12 Month BunnyVPS30     30.00%                                   Easter – VPS for 24 Month BunnyVPS40     40.00%                                   Easter – VPS for 36 Month Audio Streaming: BunnyAS20       20.00%                                    Easter – Audio Streaming for 12 Month BunnyAS30       30.00%                                    Easter – Audio Streaming for 24 Month BunnyAS40       40.00%                                    Easter – Audio Streaming for 36 Month Linux Shared Hosting: BunnyLSH20     20.00%                                   Easter – Linux Shared Hosting for 12 Month BunnyLSH30     30.00%                                   Easter – Linux Shared Hosting for 24 Month BunnyLSH40     40.00%                                   Easter – Linux Shared Hosting for 36 Month You can buy all the offers applying various payment methods including Pay Cards, PayPal, Coinpayments (Bitcoin, Ethereum), ePayments, Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, WebMoney, OKPAY and Payza.

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