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Time is yours, enjoy life!

It’s high time you did something for yourself, so take a break and enjoy nature. We have special discounts available for you.

Starting on 27/May/20016 and ending on 31/May/2016 at midnight you can use our special discount promotion codes.

Dedicated Servers:
Discount of 35% for all Dedicated Servers 36 Months promo code: tabdedi36
Discount of 25% for all Dedicated Servers 24 Months promo code: tabdedi24
Discount of 15% for all Dedicated Servers 12 Months promo code: tabdedi12

Virtual Private Servers / VPS:
Discount of 30% for all VPSs 12/24/36 Months promo code: tabvps

Media Streaming:
Discount of 30% for all Audio & Video Streaming 12/24/36 Months promo code: tabmedia

Web Shared Hosting:
Discount of 40% for all Web Shared Hosting 12/24/36 Months promo code: tabsh

And the same special discount is available for our servers collection Hp – DL180 G6

Processor 2x
Intel Quad-Core Xeon E5620 [ 4 Core(s) 8 Thread(s) ]
Intel Quad-Core Xeon E5620 [ 4 Core(s) 8 Thread(s) ]
RAM: 32 GB
Public IP: 5
Hardware RAID: Yes
Datatraffic: 100TB (Volume / 100TB FUP)
Rackspace: U1

We have 5 servers of this configuration.
Total price per server for one year is 2.200 euros.

HostingBuY is a Private Internet hosting service company with offices in Europe. The company offers hosting-related services and well as many other modern business solutions.

The company has an authorized partnership with Microsoft Cloud Solutions and one of the largest global Data centers. Being an authorized partner with such Data centers ensures better features and performance. All of the data centers have ISO certification and are located at strategic locations across the globe to ensure prime access to the major business areas in Europe (Netherlands, Germany), the US (Washington DC, San Francisco, Dallas) and Asia (China, Singapore). Each of these data centers is designed according to the highest standards and thus offers the best performance, reliability and security specifications.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us and tell us what you need and we will do our best to help you by proposing the most suitable server and network configuration. We offer a huge variety of payment methods, including:
Visa, MasterCard, American, DinaPayPalBitCoinNetellerePaymentsPayoneerWebmoneySkrillPaymentwallPerfect MoneyOKPAYPayzaCompany Bank Transfer

If this offer sounds interesting to you, feel free to share it.

We expect you!

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