Women’s Day is every month

Each year, the first week of March, women and their position in society are widely spoken. The current discounts for March 8th, flowers and perfumes are bought more than usual, as well as various gifts for mothers, grandmothers, sisters, girls, women, daughters… And then we forget on them. Until next March 8th. That’s why we don’t want to be our story like this. We care about women and they are in the leading position in our company. Because of respect for women and all that they do and did for all of us, we decided to celebrate each month for their honor. Beginning this May 8th in Central European Time, every 8th of the month will be the Women’s Day. Women will have a 40% discount on purchasing our products through our promotional codes:   Shared Hosting Linux, Audio Streaming and Virtual Private Server (VPS) Take 40.00% Discount for 36 Month with Promo Code: WomenD40 Take 30.00% Discount for 24 Month with Promo Code: WomenD30 Take 20.00% Discount for 12 Month with Promo Code: WomenD20   We sincerely hope that other companies will follow our example and think of women and then when it is not March 8th. So, dear our ladies, we wish you happy your day.   Sincerely yours, HostingBuY team

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