We celebrate Linux Birthday 25 Years with us !

linux-25-years Let’s celebrate Linux together! Claim 40% discount on the services we offer for Linux Shared Hosting and VPS Servers until the end of this month! 25 years ago on this day, Linus Torvalds posted a message announcing his Linux project. He claimed that it was just a hobby for him and there were no tendencies for it to become as professional or big as gnu. The initial Linux code was only 65 kilobytes in size, but today’s regular kernels are at least 10 million lines of code long. Linux grew into something much bigger than Linus had ever imagined and became almost a mandatory part of professional software in various areas. A huge part of internet is based on Linux, including websites, stock exchanges (i.e. New York Stock Exchange), data centers, and more. It is even heavily used in the world’s most popular smartphone OS, as well as in the majority of supercomputers. The speed and reliability it offers make it a popular choice among professionals that require highest security and efficiency standards (such as military). One of its distributions even runs The Large Hadron Collider (CERN). All this proves how important Linux is for the whole internet community, as well as for the services we offer. That is the reason why we celebrate this day and invite you to join us! Discount promo code is just Linux We offer a huge variety of payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American, DinaPayPalBitCoinNetellerePaymentsPayoneerWebmoneySkrillPaymentwallPerfect MoneyOKPAYPayzaCompany Bank Transfer

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