Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Us

Posted on February 15th, 2018

Lunar New Year 2018 Celebrate the Lunar New Year 2018 with Us. With the interesting discounts we’ve prepared, we want to share nice news with you. From this year, this will be one of the more important dates in the calendar year for us. One more reason for the celebration, which you will soon be informed more about, is that we have officially opened our HostingBuY Limited representative office based in Hong Kong since January this year. Opening our office in Asia, we want to further strengthen our position in the global market and send a message to have clear and concrete visions for the future in the hosting industry. In order to celebrate the Lunar New Year and opening our representative office in Hong Kong, we have prepared special discounts that you can use until 23:59 CET Sunday 4 March 2018.

Promo codes:

Dedicated Servers: Discount of 20% for all Dedicated Servers 36 Months promo code: HolidayDEDI-20 Discount of 15% for all Dedicated Servers 24 Months promo code: HolidayDEDI-15 Discount of 10% for all Dedicated Servers 12 Months promo code: HolidayDEDI-10 Virtual Private Servers / VPS: Discount of 40% for all VPSs 36 Months promo code: HolidayVPS-40 Discount of 30% for all VPSs 24 Months promo code: HolidayVPS-30 Discount of 20% for all VPSs 12 Months promo code: HolidayVPS-20 Audio Streaming: Discount of 40% for all Audio Streaming 36 Months promo code: HolidayAudioStreaming-40 Discount of 30% for all Audio Streaming 24 Months promo code: HolidayAudioStreaming-30 Discount of 20% for all Audio Streaming 12 Months promo code: HolidayAudioStreaming-20 Linux Shared Hosting: Discount of 30% for all Linux Shared Hosting 36 Months promo code: HolidayLSH-30 Discount of 20% for all Linux Shared Hosting 24 Months promo code: HolidayLSH-20 Discount of 10% for all Linux Shared Hosting 12 Months promo code: HolidayLSH-10 You can buy all the offers applying various payment methods including: Pay Cards, PayPal, Coinpayments (Bitcoin,Ethereum i druge valute), ePayments, Perfect Money, WebMoney, OKPAY i Payza.

Happy Holidays

Posted on December 25th, 2016

At this joyous time of year, we are grateful for our work and time spent with you.

From all of us here at HostingBuY we would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday season. We have achieved a lot in this year, and we will try to make the next one even more fruitful for both by improving our current services and extending them to cope with the lates relevant advances.

But it would not have been as successful as it is if it were not for you and the trust you put in us.

Thus we wish you abundance of happiness, love, to enjoy this time with friends, family, good food, and some relaxation peace in a new year filled with hope! Happy holidays!

May your holidays be happy and bright, and here’s to a great 2017!

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